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  • Camley Street - proposed pedestrian improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Last July, a new bridge over Regent’s Canal opened to pedestrians and people on bikes. It links Camley Street beside the Nature Reserve with the Kings Cross development area e.g. Granary Square and University of the Arts.

    This very useful new link is bringing additional people into Camley Street and many of them will cross the road to access the bridge or the Nature Reserve using a desire line close to the end of the railway bridge. The alignment of the road (Camley Street) includes a sharp turn where it goes under the railway bridge.

    Camden proposes to install a raised table (at footway level) from the end of the railway bridge and past the entrances to the new footbridge and the Nature Reserve with a view to reducing vehicle speeds at the corner. The entrance to St Pancras Cruising Club is also included in the raised area.

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  • Healthy School Streets: Acland Burghley School; Proposed Walking, Cycling and Ro

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Students of Acland Burghley use the gate on Burghley Road in the morning; a majority of these who walk to school arrive from Dartmouth Park Hill and Tufnell Park junction. In the afternoon, students leave by a gate on Ingestre Road, from where most of them make their way through Burghley Road to Dartmouth Park Hill and Tufnell Park junction.

    This set of proposals is related to creating a Healthy School Street outside Acland Burghley School. This will prohibit motor vehicles from entering the section of Burghley Road between Dartmouth Park Hill and Oakford Road during school term time, Monday – Friday between 8:00-9:00am and 3:00-4:00pm.

    The restriction will be enforced through the provision of signs and by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras located at each end of the restricted area. (So there's no need to have a one-way street)

    The following other supporting measures are proposed:

    • Widen the eastern footway on the north side of Ingestre Road by the school gate – moving four parking bays to the other side of the road. (See Plan C)

    • Move a Car Club bay from the restricted area in Burghley Road into a location in Oakford Road. (See Plan A and B)

    • Retain the existing width restriction in Burghley Road and raise the road to footway level. (See Plan C)

    • widen the footway on both sides by the school gate, paint double yellow lines; and resite the cycle strands the width restriction Burghley Road.

    See the consultation on Camden’s website:

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  • Maygrove Road - Road Safety Measures

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Following concerns about drivers exceeding the 20 mph limit, Camden proposes as a short term measure to build a raised table at the junction of Maygrove Road and Ariel Road. (There is already a table at the junction with Fordwych Road and speed humps at regular intervals. )

    They go on to say that longer-term measures are being considered to better manage the traffic levels on Maygrove Road and they invite respondents to state their concerns and to make suggestions for these longer-term measures that will be consulted on in the future.

    Since Maygrove Road is on the proposed alignment of Quietway 3 and is anyway useful cycling link this is an opportunity to make a case for improvements and in particular filtering.

    The plan can be downloaded from

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  • Beckford School – consultation on road safety improvements, Dornfell Street

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    There are four entrances to Beckford School on the south side of Dornfell Street (for infants, nursery, main and juniors going from west to east). Dornfell Street is one-way westbound – there should be a cycle exception.

    Currently there is ‘School Keep Clear’ marking on the south side of the street outside the nursery and junior entrances while there are two disabled parking bays outside the main entrance. Most of the ‘School Keep Clear’ markings will be replaced by a wider footway.

    The consultation proposes the following measures:

    1. Widen the footway on the north side of the Dornfell Street opposite the nursery entrance (losing one parking space)

    2 Remove the ‘School Keep Clear’ markings and widen the footway outside the nursery entrance. But provide two new parking bays at the western end (i.e. the widened footway doesn’t cover all of the space occupied by the ‘School Keep Clear’ markings.

    3. Widen the footway on the south side of the Dornfell Street outside the junior entrance, leaving the two existing disabled parking bays outside the main entrance.

    4. Install secure cycle parking (Bikehangar - Cyclehoop or Asgard) at the east end of the street – north side.

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  • Brecknock School – consultation on road safety improvements, Cliff Villas

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Cliff Villas is a residential road linking Cliff Road and Camden Park Road.

    The school’s main entrance and the nursery entrance are on the east side of Cliff Villas. The footway is already widened outside the and opposite the main entrance. But it is narrow between the main entrance and the nursery entrance.

    The consultation proposes the following measures:

    1. Make Cliff Villas one way from Camden Park Road to Cliff Road but allow cyclists to travel along it in both directions.

    2 Widen the footway between the main entrance and the nursery entrance to the school on Cliff Villas – resulting in the loss of 7 parking spaces.

    3. A parking occupancy survey was undertaken and the results showed that less than 70% of the parking capacity is being used. Therefore, only one parking space of the seven spaces lost in proposal 2 will be relocated. The double yellow lines located near the main entrance to the school will be converted into one permit holder parking space – gain of 1 parking space.

    4. Shorten the widened footway opposite the main entrance to the school to provide secure cycle parking. Install secure cycle parking (Bikehangar - Cyclehoop or Asgard).

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  • Fortune Green suggested improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden Council has funding for a scheme in the Fortune Green area to address rat-running through residential streets, particularly Westbere Road where there is a large secondary school (Hampstead School) to avoid using the the parallel A5 corridor on Shoot Up Hill.

    They scheme will also address pedestrian, cycling and road safety improvements, particularly for the school.

    Camden Cyclists have offered to send suggestions for improvements in the area.

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  • Play Street consultations

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 3 threads

    From time to time, we receive consultations on Play Streets and rather debating each one as it comes in, I think it could be helpful to have a policy as to whether CCC want to respond as a group and the position we should take.

    Play Streets are achieved by the occasional closures of a stretch of road to enable children to play (e.g. twice a month for a couple of hours).
    The road closures are usually operated by local residents using ‘road closed’ signs, advanced warning signs and barriers.

    Play Streets are not directly connected to cycling. But, as they may give people an idea that it would improve the area to have longer term road closures, I would like to support such schemes.

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  • Consultation on Cycling Improvements on Arlington Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Arlington Road runs parallel to Camden High Street on the west side and it forms part of a route that we once named as LCN 6a. See on map above where the original route continues south via Mornington Crescent and Hampstead Road.

    Unfortunately the measures proposed are very disappointing:
    - all that is offered is the removal of car parking on the southern approach to the Parkway junction to accommodate queueing traffic.

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  • Permanent Timed Road Close on Macklin Street (St Joseph’s Primary School)

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    This consultation proposes to make permanent the first Healthy Streets scheme in Camden, which is at St Joseph’s School in Macklin Street, Covent Garden.

    An experimental timed closure was implemented in July 2016 through the use of street signage reinforced by a retractable bollard managed by school staff.  

    Camden notes that since the trial was introduced, the number of parents driving their children to school has reduced; and the school and some of its parents have also reported that they feel safer walking with their children to and from school.

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  • Two consultations essential for Delancey-Pratt

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden consultation: Proposed walking & cycling improvements on Bayham Street and Greenland Street

    TfL consultation: Proposed changes to bus route 31

    Way back in 2015, after consultation, Camden approved a proposal for an east-west segregated cycle route across Camden Town along Delancey Street and Pratt Street (generally referred to as ‘Delancey-Pratt’). See the original discussion on CycleScape.

    The proposals include the banning of the right turn from Pratt Street into Camden High Street in order to provide a safe two-way cycle crossing over Camden High Street. Unfortunately this turn is part of the route for buses 31, N31 and N28.

    The current consultations deal with a minor modification to the Bus Route so that it uses Greenland Street instead of Pratt Street.

    Camden’s consultation deals with the details of modifications to the roads, signals and relocation of bus stops:

    TfL’s consultation is concerned with the re-routing and the exact locations of the bus stops:

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  • Planning application Morrisons Superstore & Camden Goods Yard Chalk Farm

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    We are somewhat late in spotting this so the deadline for comments is close. This is the detailed Planning Application for the very large redevelopment project in Chalk Farm Goods Yard - AKA the Morrisons Supermarket site. The full details on Camden's website are available at the URL shown.

    We have already responded to the 'Framework Proposa'l demanding a through cycle route from Oval Road (Gilbey's Yard), to Chalk Farm Road.

    The list of documents for this detailed application is huge and we have only looked at a fraction of them but we did find this paragraph in document D0 Environmental Statement Non-Technical Summary (
    "4.23 Cyclists would access the proposed development on the MS parcel using a segregated cycle path from Chalk Farm Road, following the same route a vehicles along Stephenson Street. As the centre of the proposed development would be pedestrian only, cyclists would be required to dismount before continuing on the proposed development. The cycle route would also provide connectivity through to Gilbeys Yard following Engine House Way and Winding Vaults Way."

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  • Consultation: Euston Station Area Planning Principles

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    Camden are consulting on the long-term future of the area around Euston station area:
    "Euston station is changing, with HS2 Ltd preparing for construction, and Network Rail, Crossrail 2 and Transport for London also thinking about how to design the station.
    We are preparing a plan for development in the Euston station and tracks area with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, which will both inform, and be informed by, emerging designs for the stations at Euston."

    The perspective is long-term, but the timeline ( calls for the finalisation of a Planning Brief by Spring 2018. This initial consultation is on the design principles. It will inform a detailed brief that will be the subject of further consultation in early 2018 and finalised in summer 2018.

    We (Camden Cycling Campaign) intend to submit a response to this initial consultation. Please take a look at the Key Principles - Euston Station Area Planning Brief 220517.pdf document and make your suggestions for ensuring that the area will become a much better cycling environment.

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  • Recent changes in Oakley Square west

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    A few months ago, TfL introduced an 18 month trial of measures in Oakley Square that are intended to reduce motor vehicle speeds to go with a new 20 mph limit.

    They have narrowed the traffic lanes to 3m by applying a strip of fake paving on each side of the road as shown in the photo. These strips are not intended to be cycle lanes. People are expected to 'take the lane' as indicated by the Cycle logos in the traffic lane.

    Camden Cyclists have had complaints on Twitter and by email about the new layout:

    - although there are cycle logos in the traffic lane, drivers tell cyclists that 'take the lane' that they should use the cycle lane.

    - the nearside strip is much too narrow to be an adequate cycle lane.

    Today we met with TfL officers to discuss the problem. The possible short term measures would be either
    1. remove the dashed lines that separate the kerbside strip from the nearside lane so that motors and bikes share a wider kerbside lane (only up to 4m)
    2. make the kerbside strip part of the footway

    We rejected (2) because many cyclists are using the kerbside strip and would find it very unpleasant to share a 3m wide motor lane.

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  • Chalk Farm Goods Yard Planning Framework

    Created by John Chamberlain // 1 thread

    From Camden Council's website:

    "Significant redevelopment may take place in the Camden Goods Yard area in the coming years. If this occurs, the London Borough of Camden wants to ensure a strategic and coordinated approach is taken to deliver the best outcomes for our communities. This framework sets out the Council’s vision and key objectives for this part of the borough."

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  • Hatton Garden Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    This Hatton Garden Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy contains a fascinating study of the buildings and streetscapes in the Hatton Garden area.

    It contains a brief section on "Movement" in Sections 5.29-5.32 on page 58 and a figure on page 59. Deals with motor vehicles, pedestrians and buses but it forgets cycles.

    "Opportunities for enhancement". P 81 briefly outlines "Traffic and movement: strengths, weaknesses and opportunities."
    This should recognise the potential contribution of cycling

    New and improved cycle routes are shown on a map on page 83 (reproduced in this issue's image).They recognise the following:
    - Theobalds- Clerkenwell Road alignment
    - Rosebery Avenue
    - Hatton Garden

    Also should include at least:
    -The CS6 alignments (being built this year)
    - Grays Inn Road as a GRID link
    - permeability links e.g. through Back Hill/Eyre Street Hill to Hatton Garden and via Laystall Street

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  • Consultation on Tavistock/Torrington Place Cycle Route

    Created by John Chamberlain // 1 thread

    For the last year Torrington Place and Tavistock Place have had segregated cycle tracks on both sides of the street. This consultation is about making the current trial arrangement permanent. The current lightly segregated tracks would mostly become stepped tracks and there would be other improvements to junctions as well as increased space for pedestrians. There is a lot of local support but also significant opposition, mostly from residents of Judd and other streets where motor traffic volumes have increased. We think this can be corrected by the (separate) proposed changes to Judd Street and at Brunswick Square.

    It's important that all cyclists and others in favour respond using the website below. Otherwise we are in danger of losing this flagship facility. You don't have to live in Camden but you do need to provide an address and postcode.

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  • Consultation on St Mark’s Square Proposed Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    This consultation offers very-long-campaigned for two-way cycling in St Marks Square to complete the 6-year old scheme in Princess Road.

    Camden proposes to take out one of the three motor traffic lanes and replace it with a northbound contraflow cycle lane. The parking will be moved from the west side of the road and replaced as a floating parking bay outside the contraflow cycle lane – with a buffer to separate the cars from the cycle lane.

    They also propose a right turn pocket on Prince Albert Road to facilitate right turns into the contraflow cycle lane.

    For pedestrians, Camden proposes an extra green-man crossing so that there will be one on each of the three arms.

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  • A400 Hampstead Road bus reliability and road safety improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL propose changes on A400 Hampstead Road between Harrington Square and Drummond Street "to improve bus journey time reliability and pedestrian safety in the area".

    Where is the promised scheme for safe cycling?

    In February, TfL officer Michael Collella circulated by email a draft scheme for 'bus and cycle improvements' on Hampstead Road asking for our feedback. These include segregated cycle tracks on both side of the road:

    between Mornington Crescent and Varndell Street on the west side

    and between Lidlington Place and a point north of Cardington Street where it merged into a bus lane on the east side.

    See PDF file attached in the discussion thread for this issue.

    This had been preceded by meetings with TfL officer Timothy MacKay in Feb 2015 and April 2014 where similar schemes were proposed.

    What does the current scheme propose ?

    This amounts mainly to the removal of all opportunities for loading and parking on the southbound bus lane. i.e. bus improvement.

    They also propose:

    ASLs on all approaches to the junction with Drummond Street. However they say: “ this is to ensure that turning vehicles do not come into conflict with vehicles stopped at the junction”… nothing about benefit to cyclists!

    Pedestrian count down signals on all four arms of the junction with Drummond Street.

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  • Earlham Street West – proposed public realm improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Earlham Street runs one way westbound between Seven Dials and Shaftesbury Avenue.

    In 2014, Earlham Street was closed to motor vehicles at the junction with Shaftesbury Avenue.

    The stated objective include the following:

    - create a safer and more attractive connection for pedestrians and cyclists to neighbouring areas, especially Soho and St Giles

    The proposed changes include the following:

    - between Shaftesbury Avenue and Tower Street, the entire road width at footway level with dropped kerbs to allow a cycle connection to Shaftesbury. They don’t say whether the existing bollards will remain in place.

    - between Tower Street and Seven Dials, narrow the road from 6.5 to 3m, move parking to other side of Seven Dials, widen footways.
    - market stalls on south side of street with loading before and after trading times

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  • Consultation on proposed changes to Briardale Gardens, NW3

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden Council proposes measures to reduce eastbound rat running (up to 450 motor vehicles per hour in the morning rush hour) in Briardale Gardens and Ferncroft Avenue.

    The proposal is a No Entry except for cyclists into Briardale Gardens from Finchley Road. Briardale Gardens itself will remain two way.

    Dates: consultation May 2016; reply due 13th May 2016
    Officers: Hasher Mahnavi, Simi Shah. CCC member dealing with it Jean Dollimore.

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  • Proposed changes to Miller Street NW1

    Created by Mixhael // 1 thread

    Camden are consulting with residents of, and neighbouring residents to, The Three Fields Estate on Arlington Road.

    Part of their proposal is to remove the awkward dog-leg on Miller Street. Hurray.

    I know Miller Street is a popular east-west desire line and (sort of) connects up with Pratt Street.

    The proposal doesn't mention cycles. Boo. I'd hate to see it being pedestrians only. Although it's difficult to tell what is meant by the pink colouring on the proposed plan, it does look like their will be vehicular access in this area. Let's hope the existing filtered permeability will be maintained.

    More details here

    and here

    There will be a consultation meeting at Fairfield Play Centre 18:30 to 20:30, Thursday 25th February 2016. I'll pop along and see if I can find out more.

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  • North-South Cycle Superhighway (extension to Kings Cross)

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 3 threads

    The North-South Cycle Superhighway is already under construction between Stonecutter Street and Elephant & Castle.

    TfL, together with Camden and Islington Councils, is now consulting on proposals to extend it north up to King’s Cross.

    The proposal is that it should continue north on Farringdon Road to Greville Street where northbound cyclists would turn onto a quiet back-street route to King’s Cross.

    Southbound cyclists from King’s Cross would turn off the back-street route onto Farringdon Road at Ray Street via a new signalised junction and continue south on a stepped cycle track.
    Detailed proposals

    Section 1 - Farringdon Street (between Stonecutter Street and Holborn Viaduct)

    Section 2 - Farringdon Street (between Holborn Viaduct and Charterhouse Street)

    Section 3 - Farringdon Road and Saffron Hill (between Charterhouse Street and St. Cross Street)

    Section 4 - Farringdon Road and Saffron Hill (between St. Cross Street and Ray Street)

    Section 5 - Farringdon Road, Ray Street, Herbal Hill and Warner Street

    Section 6 - Warner Street and Phoenix Place

    Section 7 - Pakenham Street, Calthorpe Street and Cubitt Street

    Section 8 - Ampton Street, Sidmouth Street and Tavistock Place

    Section 9 - Tavistock Place and Judd Street

    See also this related scheme for the treatment of the Euston Road junction and continuation northwards:

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  • Brunswick Square Walking and Cycling Improvements

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    Camden says: "To be delivered as part of the Central London Cycle Grid, the key aspect of this scheme proposes a road closure that would restrict access for motor vehicles between Lansdowne Terrace and Brunswick Square at the junction with Bernard Street. This closure allows us to create a large pedestrian-only area, provide a new cycle track, simplify the road layout and rejuvenate the area around the square."

    This scheme removes a mini-gyratory and links well with these two consultations for the North - South Cycle Superhighway:

    Quietway 2 passes through here:

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  • Midland Road and Euston Road / Judd Street Junction (North – South CS link)

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    This joint TfL/Camden consultation takes the North – South Cycle Superhighway across Euston Road and continuing with a section of central London grid on Midland Road to join the existing southern extension of the Royal College Street route.

    It includes:
    - Cycle-only green signal to allow cyclists to cross Euston Road separately from motor traffic
    - Two-stage right turn areas to allow cyclists to access Judd Street and Midland Road without crossing lanes of moving traffic

    and two options for Judd Street:
    Option 1 – Full closure of Judd Street at Euston Road / Midland Road junction to allow a dedicated cycle crossing across Euston Road
    Option 2 – Judd Street entry only for motorists from Midland Road, with segregated northbound contraflow cycle track

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