Midland Road and Euston Road / Judd Street Junction (North – South CS link)

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Added by George Coulouris

This joint TfL/Camden consultation takes the North – South Cycle Superhighway across Euston Road and continuing with a section of central London grid on Midland Road to join the existing southern extension of the Royal College Street route.

It includes:
- Cycle-only green signal to allow cyclists to cross Euston Road separately from motor traffic
- Two-stage right turn areas to allow cyclists to access Judd Street and Midland Road without crossing lanes of moving traffic

and two options for Judd Street:
Option 1 – Full closure of Judd Street at Euston Road / Midland Road junction to allow a dedicated cycle crossing across Euston Road
Option 2 – Judd Street entry only for motorists from Midland Road, with segregated northbound contraflow cycle track


March 20th, 2016 14:00


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