A400 Hampstead Road bus reliability and road safety improvements

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Added by Jean Dollimore

TfL propose changes on A400 Hampstead Road between Harrington Square and Drummond Street "to improve bus journey time reliability and pedestrian safety in the area".

Where is the promised scheme for safe cycling?

In February, TfL officer Michael Collella circulated by email a draft scheme for 'bus and cycle improvements' on Hampstead Road asking for our feedback. These include segregated cycle tracks on both side of the road:

between Mornington Crescent and Varndell Street on the west side

and between Lidlington Place and a point north of Cardington Street where it merged into a bus lane on the east side.

See PDF file attached in the discussion thread for this issue.

This had been preceded by meetings with TfL officer Timothy MacKay in Feb 2015 and April 2014 where similar schemes were proposed.

What does the current scheme propose ?

This amounts mainly to the removal of all opportunities for loading and parking on the southbound bus lane. i.e. bus improvement.

They also propose:

ASLs on all approaches to the junction with Drummond Street. However they say: “ this is to ensure that turning vehicles do not come into conflict with vehicles stopped at the junction”… nothing about benefit to cyclists!

Pedestrian count down signals on all four arms of the junction with Drummond Street.


August 9th, 2016 16:00


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