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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Camden Cyclists:

  • TfL consultation on junction Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 2 threads

    N-S Cycle Superhighway consultation

    TfL proposed that the N-S Cycle Superhighway should stop at Greville Street but LCC's response to the consultation stated that the route should continue on Farringdon Road to at least the junction with Calthorpe and Margery Street (under discussion here).

    After the consultation TfL replied that they would explore options north of Stonecutter Street(which is actually south of Greville Street!). The N-S Cycle Superhighway may be completed by Spring 2016 but we have no date for it being extended any further north.

    Link to our discussion on CycleScape


    Junction Kings Cross Road/Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

    See consultation on TfL's website at:

    which has a link to their junction plan

    Plan to build September 2015


    TfL's proposals include the following:

    On Farringdon Road - Grays Inn Road

    - right turn pocket for northbound cyclists turning into Margery Street

    -1.5 m advisory cycle lane on Kings Cross Road for cyclists travelling southbound with one instead of two motor lanes and on northbound carriageway north of the junction

    - footway build outs

    Calthorpe Street

    - longer ASL and low-level early release signals

    - footway build out

    Margery Street
    - widen contraflow
    - longer ASL box and low-level early release signals

    Immediate issues:

    - no space for cycling on Farringdon Road south of the junction

    - northbound approach on Farringdon Road left hook issue

    - no attempt to provide protection for cyclists crossing the junction; Farringdon Road is wide enough to put in the infrastructure needed for a separate signal stage for northbound cyclists or for "hold the left turn".

    - the early release signals are only as effective as a longer ASl box, not protecting cycles that arrive during the green stage.

    Dates: consultation 20 February 2015; reply due 6 April 2015.

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  • Consultation on Proposed Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements at York Way / Goods Way junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    The main improvement for cycling is the facilitation of an eastbound route between Goods Way and Wharfdale Road. Unfortunately, due to Wharfdale Road being one way, this route currently doesn't work westbound.

    Camden Council's proposals include the following:

    - Permit cyclists to turn right out of Goods Way into York Way

    - ASLs on all three arms of the junction

    - Northbound approach on York Way towards Goods Way reduced to single motor lane, making room for a cycle lane

    - Signalised green man crossings on all three arms of the junction (only one at present)

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  • Quietway 2 - consultation on proposals for Guilford and Calthorpe Streets

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 2 threads

    At the S4C ride last May we heard Andrew Gilligan mention that QW 38 from Bloomsbury via Islington to Hackney would have priority. This route is now named QW 2!

    The image shows the route proposed by Sustrans and TfL

    You can also see the route of several QEWs on Google Maps at:

    QW2 is shown as a turquoise line labelled "Possible Bloomsbury to Walthamstow Quietway".

    Camden Council is now consulting on some minor measures they propose for improving the stretch in Camden along Calthorpe Street and Guilford Street. These can be seen at:

    To summarise specific (from west to east):

    - a new length of cycle lane into Bernard Street from Russell Square

    - raised zebra crossing over Guilford Street at Queen Anne’s Walk

    - raised table at the junction of Guilford Street and Grenville Street

    - a large raised table on Guilford Street across Guilford Place (that will also enhance the N-S route down Judd Street and Hunter Street on to Lambs Conduit Street and Red Lion Street)

    - between Phoenix Place and Farringdon Road, reallocate some carriageway space for cycle lanes

    general changes will include:

    - cycle symbols and signage

    - replace granite setts on raised areas with asphalt.

    Please provide your comments in the associated thread

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  • Consultation - Netley Primary School, Camden

    Created by Angela Hobsbaum // 1 thread

    Camden Council are consulting on proposals to improve road safety around the newly-rebuilt Netley Primary Schools, Stanhope Street NW1 3EX.

    Full details can be found here:

    Deadline Friday 12 December.
    I will collate comments and write a response from Camden Cyclists on Wed. 10th December.

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  • Hawley Crescent vs Hawley Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    This issue is about our priorities for two way cycling in a pair of one way streets, the first north and the second south of the canal at Camden Lock:

    - Hawley Road runs one way eastbound between Chalk farm Road and Kentish Town road.

    - Hawley Crescent runs one way westbound from Kentish Town Road to Camden High Street

    Both of these roads are on our list of permeability issues but we are being asked to say which we would like to see tackled first.

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  • Consultation on Improvements to the Leather Lane Market area

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Leather Lane has a well established market that trades on the street throughout the week

    To stop vehicles using Leather Lane when the market is on, Camden proposes to close access to Leather Lane and other roads leading directly to Leather Lane with some consequent changes in parking provision.

    Camden Council's proposals can be seen at:

    They include the following:

    Option A

    - close Leather Lane

    - close Hatton Wall, between Leather Lane and Hatton Garden

    - close St Cross Street, between Leather Lane and Hatton Garden

    - close Portpool Lane and Baldwin’s Gardens where they meet Leather Lane

    Option B

    - same as Option A but keeps St Cross Street open


    The proposal consistently refers to stopping "vehicles" using Leather Lane. It should refer to "motor vehicles" so that cycles still have access.

    Reply due 5 December 2014.

    Please add your comments by 1st December

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  • Royal College Street Southern Extension (Pancras Road)

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    Camden are consulting on their plans to extend the Royal College Street cycle tracks to the south, down Pancras Road towards Kings Cross. Unfortunately, the plans for the junctions at St Pancras and contra-flow up Midland Road are not ready yet, so it will remain difficult to get to and from the south and east until these are finalised, but this is another link in the planned North-South route through the borough as part of the London Cycle Grid.

    Details of the proposals can be found on Camden’s website at:

    For cyclists, the main proposals are as follows:
    - Protected cycle lanes from Royal College Street to just south of Chenies Place.
    - Removal of two bus-stops to make the cycle lanes continuous
    - North-bound bus-stop converted to 'island' style.
    - Southbound bus-stop uses Royal College Street style due to lack of road width.
    - Additional protection for cyclists crossing Crowndale Road from Royal College Street.

    You can reply to the consultation via Camden's website. Please also add your comments to the threads on this issue, or by email to john AT . We have already had suggestions for improvements to the lane behind the bus-stop at Chenies Place. We will be saying that cyclists heading north to Royal College Street should use Goldington Crescent to avoid one set of traffic lights and the need to cross lanes. What else?

    Our response needs to be in by 14th November so we'll take comments on board until the 7th.

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  • Royal College Street Northern Extension

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    Camden are consulting residents, cyclists and others on their plans to extend the Royal College Street cycle facilities to the north, across Camden Road and up to Kentish Town Road. If it is approved, we think this will be a great improvement as it will provide protected two-way cycling all the way. Later there are plans to extend it south to Kings Cross.

    We hope you will respond to Camden in support as there may be objections from residents, especially as it results in some loss/relocation of parking.

    Details of the proposals can be found on Camden’s website at:

    For cyclists, the main proposals are as follows:
    - Two way cycling all the way up and down Royal College Street with no need to use St Pancras Way or Camden Street.
    - Protected northbound and southbound cycle lanes with no loading or parking within the cycle lanes.
    - A separate green phase for N-S and S-N bound cyclists at Camden Road.

    The difficult areas are the Camden Road crossing, which we think Camden have handled in an effective and innovative way, and the southbound split at College Gardens, where motor traffic has to bear left but cyclists go straight. This is not easy to handle without the danger of left hooks, but we think that the suggested solution, which involves road narrowing and a raised junction to slow motor vehicles, is the best option.

    Please feed your comments to us via the threads on this issue, or by email to

    Our response needs to be in by 3rd October so we'll take comments on board until the 28th.

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  • The TfL North-South cycle superhighway consultation

    Full details of the consultation are at:
    closing date for comments is 19 October 2014.

    Camden Cyclists we propose to send a response to this consultation on behalf of our members. This will focus only on the part within Camden (the section between Charterhouse Street and Euston Road - as detailed on the map attached). But note that the alignment of the route north of Greville Street is not agreed between Camden and TfL and is not formally considered a part of the consultation.

    So it makes sense to have two discussion threads for the sections in Camden south and north of Greville Street.

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  • Camden 'Quick Wins' - Phase 2

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    You probably remember that we began a new 'Quick Wins' campaign in November 2013.

    I asked members for their suggestions for (very) minor improvements throughout the borough that will make cyclists feel better catered for. These are examples of the type of changes that Camden felt could be implemented without consultation of local residents/businesses:

    ⁃ dropped kerbs
    ⁃ obstructive barriers (i.e. anti-motor cycle barriers)
    ⁃ stretches of poor road surface
    ⁃ Feeders into ASLs that are too short or non-mandatory

    The response from members was very good and we were able to assemble a list of suggestions and submit it to Camden in November 2013. Camden responded by assigning an officer to work on the entire list and he has worked hard to progress them.

    The web page linked above includes a table showing the list of 17 suggestions that were submitted to Camden, updated to show the five suggestions that we know for sure to have been completed (those table entries are in italic with completion date and a photo). There may be one or two other items in the list that have been completed - I haven't been to check all of them recently ;-) I would be very grateful to anyone who can give me up-to-date information on the status of the other items.

    Several other minor changes that we have suggested, outside the 'Quick Wins' list have also been completed this year.

    As far as I know Camden still intend to progress most of the remaining items. It is worth noting that some of these relatively minor changes received significant 'push-back' from locals, making the process slower and more expensive than it might have been.

    We and Camden are still very positive about this campaign. Camden are now asking us for a set of 'Phase 2' suggestions. The criteria for this are likely to include the types of changes suggested in the first phase but also include some new ones.

    We are still clarifying with Camden the new categories that can be classified as 'quick wins' (i.e. can be implemented without consultation). They may include:

    ⁃ widening cycle lanes or converting them to mandatory (i.e. replacing a dashed with a solid white line). In some cases this might be a first step towards installing lightweight segregation.
    ⁃ widening existing cycle lanes where there is limited traffic impact.
    ⁃ widening bus lanes to 4.5m to allow safer overtaking of buses by cycles and vice-versa.
    ⁃ adding cycle lanes that link up sections of bus lane.
    ⁃ trial lane closures to provide better space for cycling.
    ⁃ more 2-way cycling on side roads.

    I would be grateful for your feedback, commenting on the categories of changes or preliminary suggestions for actual changes.

    I plan to construct a new list for submission to Camden in October, but I would be grateful for concrete suggestions by mid-September.

    It helps if you can provide a link to the relevant location on Google maps. A photo is even more helpful.

    George C.

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  • Consultation on Pancras Road/Midland Road

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    The proposals from Camden Council are intended to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity of the new developments on Goodsway including the new Town Hall Annex and include new measures under the St Pancras station railway overpass. They also will eventually link to the southern extension of the cycle route down Royal College Street and the proposed northbound cycle route on Midland Road.

    Details of the proposals can be found on Camden’s website at:

    For cyclists, the main proposals are as follows:

    · A separate segregated cycle track to protect the left turn for northbound cyclists from Pancras Road (adjacent to the station) to Pancras Road westbound under the rail tracks. This would link to a 2m wide centre lane for cyclists turning right up Pancras Road towards Camden, and a separate left turn lane for all traffic. The centre lane would be a continuation of the dedicated track, with left-turning motor vehicles having to make a deliberate crossing of this lane; a method used in other countries to enable cyclists to take the lane more easily. This can be seen on the first of the diagrams on Camden’s website.
    · A lightly segregated 2m wide eastbound cycle track under the rail tracks.
    · A lightly segregated 2m kerbside lane down Pancras Road until the approach to Midland Road. This will gradually move out into a centre lane with left-turning motor vehicles having to make a deliberate crossing of this lane. Unfortunately the details of this are not shown on the consultation but it should be there soon.
    · A segregated 2m cycle track for cyclists northbound on Midland Road between Brill Place and Pancras Road.
    · Advance start signals for cyclists at the Pancras Road/Midland Road junction.

    We spent a lot of time discussing with Camden engineers how we could implement fully protected junctions for cyclists but were unable to come up with a scheme due to the constraints imposed by road width and especially the supporting columns for the rail overpass.

    Please feed your comments to us via the threads on this issue, or by email to

    Our response needs to be in by 29th August so we'll take comments on board until the 22nd.

    Lightly segregated - like Royal College Street, probably 'armadillos'
    Segregated - separated by a hard kerb.

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  • Regents High School Redevelopment Proposed Highway Works

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    The proposals seek to improve road safety on the streets surrounding Regents High school in Somers Town which is being rebuilt. This school is labelled "South Camden Community School" on the map.

    The consultation is on Camden's website at:

    Currently the school is accessed from Charrington Street but the new building is going to face the other way and will be accessed via Chalton Street. Therefore most of the proposal are related to making a new school entrance and building out the footways in Chalton Street while taking them away in Charrington Street. All of this is clearly necessary, but doesn't appear to add to road safety.

    The council also proposes a new speed table at the junction of Chalton Street and Aldenham Street. This would help with road safety.

    Cyclists are already concerned with the rat-running on Ossulston Street; this quite likely accesses Eversholt Street via Chalton Street. Surely we should ask for this rat running to be prevented both for the safety of the cycle route and for children going to Regents High School?

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  • West End Project consultation

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 6 threads

    This scheme proposes to restore two way working in Tottenham Court Road (TCR) and in the Gower Street alignment which includes Bloomsbury Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. All the bus routes will be on TCR.

    The consultation is on Camden's website at:

    In TCR, Camden proposes a "bus and cycle street" from 8 am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday) with local access for cars, taxis and loading on short sections of Tottenham Court Road via side roads.

    TCR will have a pair of 4.5m wide carriageways to be shared by cycles and buses (90 buses per hour in each direction) and by the additional local traffic.

    In the Gower Street alignment, Camden proposes two-way access for private motor vehicles (no buses) and that these roads will have a pair of 4.5m wide carriageways, each including a lightly segregated 1.5m wide cycle track.

    Other measures proposed:
    - in both TCR and the Gower Street alignment Camden proposes raised sections of road to reduce motor speeds
    - two-way cycling in all the side streets (except for Maple Street, University Street and Howland Street)
    - new public spaces including a new park on Alfred Place and a ladder of calm side streets.

    These changes to roads and to cycle permeability are shown in the diagram at:

    Details of the road layout for TCR are at:

    Details of the road layout for the Gower Street alignment are at:

    Exhibitions are to be held at the Building Centre, Store Street on 19th June (10 am to 5pm) and 7th July (5pm to 8pm),

    Camden Cyclists are holding a public meeting for cyclists to discuss this project.
    On 30th June 7pm - 9pm
    at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6AQ.

    We will finalise our response to the consultation early in July.

    The public consultation will run until Friday 18 July 2014.

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  • The need for Regis Road - Grafton Road permeability

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    We have of course been campaigning for a cycle and pedestrian connection enabling more direct movement between Kentish Town Road and Grafton Road for years. At one time a semi-official route via Arctic Street was actually established, but the landowner eventually vetoed it for various reasons.

    How can we revive the campaign for this?

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  • Cycling on Camden Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL officers told us last November that they have a project to improving conditions for cyclists on Camden Road. This would include "investigating the feasibility of a northbound mandatory cycle lane; a wide bus and cycle lane southbound and the removal of two- lane flares at junctions". They assumed a 12m road width, suggesting 6m for a pair of general traffic lanes together with a 2m cycle lane and 4 m bus +cycle lane.

    They are now inviting CCC to a meeting to discuss cycling on the TLRN in Camden, and also take the opportunity to walk along Camden Rd to further discuss the corridor scheme they’re progressing. On further enquiry they said:
    "We would prefer to take the opportunity to engage with CCC as an independent stakeholder, separate from LB Camden, in order to fully understand the campaign’s ambitions for the TLRN."

    1. Let's clarify what we would want on Camden Road (without taking on TfL's assumption that there must be a bus lane. And being realistic as to what might fit in at a junction. The above photo shows a potential left hook situation.

    2. Can I have volunteers to join me on this walk/talk.


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  • Consultation on Kentish Town Area Wide Improvements

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden Council's proposals include the following:

    - Raise junction Bartholomew Road Kentish Town Road

    - Cycle gap in Kelly Street closure at Castlehaven Road

    - Raise junction Anglers Lane/Willies Road/PrinceofWalesRoad

    - Two way cycling in Wolsey Mews

    - Raise the LeightonRoad/Torriano Avenue junction and introduce cycle gap at the central refuge island

    Click here to see the consultation leaflet.

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  • King's Cross Junction consultation 2014

    Created by Richenda // 1 thread

    Deadline: 24 March 2014

    Note: the most significant place in this proposal is the Gray's Inn Road/York Way route, where Deep Lee was killed in 2011.

    Drop-in sessions: 4 and 11 March 2014
    Time: 16:30 – 19:00
    Venue: King’s Cross Neighbourhood Centre, 51 Argyle Street

    CCC were consulted in advance and do not like the proposals. Our main objections are that these proposals:
    1. fail to meet TfL’s own 2005 Cycle Design Standards, on many points,
    2. put cyclists on the pavement at an extremely pedestrian-busy junction,
    3. fail to narrow the traffic heading into York Way down to one lane early enough. It narrows, already, to one lane once it reaches the bus stops in York Way, so it is perverse not to narrow it before the junction, thus freeing up space for a cycle lane to take cyclists safely through the junction.

    We have other more detailed objections which we will post later.

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