TfL consultation on junction Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

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Added by Jean Dollimore
N-S Cycle Superhighway consultation ------------------------------------------------------ TfL proposed that the N-S Cycle Superhighway should stop at Greville Street but LCC's response to the consultation stated that the route should continue on Farringdon Road to at least the junction with Calthorpe and Margery Street (under discussion here). After the consultation TfL replied that they would explore options north of Stonecutter Street(which is actually south of Greville Street!). The N-S Cycle Superhighway may be completed by Spring 2016 but we have no date for it being extended any further north. Link to our discussion on CycleScape ========= Junction Kings Cross Road/Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street --------- See consultation on TfL's website at: which has a link to their junction plan Plan to build September 2015 ----------- TfL's proposals include the following: On Farringdon Road - Grays Inn Road - right turn pocket for northbound cyclists turning into Margery Street -1.5 m advisory cycle lane on Kings Cross Road for cyclists travelling southbound with one instead of two motor lanes and on northbound carriageway north of the junction - footway build outs Calthorpe Street - longer ASL and low-level early release signals - footway build out Margery Street - widen contraflow - longer ASL box and low-level early release signals Immediate issues: - no space for cycling on Farringdon Road south of the junction - northbound approach on Farringdon Road left hook issue - no attempt to provide protection for cyclists crossing the junction; Farringdon Road is wide enough to put in the infrastructure needed for a separate signal stage for northbound cyclists or for "hold the left turn". - the early release signals are only as effective as a longer ASl box, not protecting cycles that arrive during the green stage. Dates: consultation 20 February 2015; reply due 6 April 2015.


February 20th, 2015 14:00


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