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  • Consultation on Pancras Road/Midland Road

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    The proposals from Camden Council are intended to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity of the new developments on Goodsway including the new Town Hall Annex and include new measures under the St Pancras station railway overpass. They also will eventually link to the southern extension of the cycle route down Royal College Street and the proposed northbound cycle route on Midland Road.

    Details of the proposals can be found on Camden’s website at:

    For cyclists, the main proposals are as follows:

    · A separate segregated cycle track to protect the left turn for northbound cyclists from Pancras Road (adjacent to the station) to Pancras Road westbound under the rail tracks. This would link to a 2m wide centre lane for cyclists turning right up Pancras Road towards Camden, and a separate left turn lane for all traffic. The centre lane would be a continuation of the dedicated track, with left-turning motor vehicles having to make a deliberate crossing of this lane; a method used in other countries to enable cyclists to take the lane more easily. This can be seen on the first of the diagrams on Camden’s website.
    · A lightly segregated 2m wide eastbound cycle track under the rail tracks.
    · A lightly segregated 2m kerbside lane down Pancras Road until the approach to Midland Road. This will gradually move out into a centre lane with left-turning motor vehicles having to make a deliberate crossing of this lane. Unfortunately the details of this are not shown on the consultation but it should be there soon.
    · A segregated 2m cycle track for cyclists northbound on Midland Road between Brill Place and Pancras Road.
    · Advance start signals for cyclists at the Pancras Road/Midland Road junction.

    We spent a lot of time discussing with Camden engineers how we could implement fully protected junctions for cyclists but were unable to come up with a scheme due to the constraints imposed by road width and especially the supporting columns for the rail overpass.

    Please feed your comments to us via the threads on this issue, or by email to

    Our response needs to be in by 29th August so we'll take comments on board until the 22nd.

    Lightly segregated - like Royal College Street, probably 'armadillos'
    Segregated - separated by a hard kerb.

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  • Cycling on Camden Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL officers told us last November that they have a project to improving conditions for cyclists on Camden Road. This would include "investigating the feasibility of a northbound mandatory cycle lane; a wide bus and cycle lane southbound and the removal of two- lane flares at junctions". They assumed a 12m road width, suggesting 6m for a pair of general traffic lanes together with a 2m cycle lane and 4 m bus +cycle lane.

    They are now inviting CCC to a meeting to discuss cycling on the TLRN in Camden, and also take the opportunity to walk along Camden Rd to further discuss the corridor scheme they’re progressing. On further enquiry they said:
    "We would prefer to take the opportunity to engage with CCC as an independent stakeholder, separate from LB Camden, in order to fully understand the campaign’s ambitions for the TLRN."

    1. Let's clarify what we would want on Camden Road (without taking on TfL's assumption that there must be a bus lane. And being realistic as to what might fit in at a junction. The above photo shows a potential left hook situation.

    2. Can I have volunteers to join me on this walk/talk.


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