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  • Quietway 7 (Cycleway 43) in Westminster - east section

    Created by Colin Wing // 4 threads

    This is the proposed route of the east section of Quietway 7 (Cycleway 43) in Westminster. At the western end, it has two branches: off Quietway 2 (Cycleway 27) at Norfolk Crescent and to/from Hyde Park via Connaught Square and Stanhope Place. It was not possible to show both of those on the map.

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    1. Camden - Tottenham Hale cycle route

      Created by Simon Munk // 4 threads

      At approximately 12km, this route would connect the town centres of Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters and the Nag's Head, making it easier for people to make local journeys and use local services. The route would use both main roads and quieter back streets.

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    2. Quietway 19 - Cambridge Circus

      Created by Colin Wing // 4 threads

      There has never been a satisfactory cycle route from Soho into Covent Garden. The right turn from Old Compton Street into Charing Cross Road is prohibited. Moor Street lands cyclists at an inconvenient part of the junction. Using Greek Street and Shaftesbury Avenue means a difficult right turn into Charing Cross Road.

      In April 2015 Westminster's contractors are consulting the public about improvements to Cambridge Circus. The consultation period ends on 8th May 2015. Subject to approvals, it is planned to start the works on site in August 2015 and to be completed by February 2016.

      The scheme takes into account the need for Quietway 19 to pass through the junction between Soho and Covent Garden.

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    3. TfL Consultation on Finchley Road - Boundary Road

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      TfL proposes some changes related to the QuietWay "Gladstone Park to Regents Park, see map

      Their proposals

      Finchley Road

      1. Ban the left turn for all northbound traffic (motor vehicles and cycles) from Finchley Road into Boundary Road. (Note "And Cycles"!)

      2. Extend the northbound bus lane on Finchley Road

      3. Changes to traffic islands to provide extra space and protection for cyclists travelling east-west along Boundary Road and crossing Finchley Road, as well as providing an improved waiting area for southbound cyclists turning right into Boundary Road from Finchley Road

      4. A new 5-metre part-width Advanced Stop Line (ASL) with early release (a few seconds) on Finchley Road for cyclists travelling southbound.

      5. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the southern arm of the Finchley Road junction

      6. Enlarge the footway on the south-west corner of the junction,

      Boundary Road

      7. A new 3.2 metre wide signal controlled pedestrian crossing on the western arm of Boundary Road

      8. Relocate and resize traffic islands to improve cyclists’ comfort

      9. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the eastern arm of Boundary Road

      10. Widen the central cycle feeder lane on the western arm of Boundary Road

      11. Replace speed cushions with a ‘sinusoidal’ speed hump across the full width of the carriageway on the west arm of Boundary Road

      12. New cyclist detection system on Boundary Road, meaning cyclists no longer have to use a push button to activate the traffic signals to cross or access Finchley Road

      See the consultation at:

      Reply by 27th September 2015.

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    4. Quietway 2 - consultation on proposals for Guilford and Calthorpe Streets

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 2 threads

      At the S4C ride last May we heard Andrew Gilligan mention that QW 38 from Bloomsbury via Islington to Hackney would have priority. This route is now named QW 2!

      The image shows the route proposed by Sustrans and TfL

      You can also see the route of several QEWs on Google Maps at:

      QW2 is shown as a turquoise line labelled "Possible Bloomsbury to Walthamstow Quietway".

      Camden Council is now consulting on some minor measures they propose for improving the stretch in Camden along Calthorpe Street and Guilford Street. These can be seen at:

      To summarise specific (from west to east):

      - a new length of cycle lane into Bernard Street from Russell Square

      - raised zebra crossing over Guilford Street at Queen Anne’s Walk

      - raised table at the junction of Guilford Street and Grenville Street

      - a large raised table on Guilford Street across Guilford Place (that will also enhance the N-S route down Judd Street and Hunter Street on to Lambs Conduit Street and Red Lion Street)

      - between Phoenix Place and Farringdon Road, reallocate some carriageway space for cycle lanes

      general changes will include:

      - cycle symbols and signage

      - replace granite setts on raised areas with asphalt.

      Please provide your comments in the associated thread

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