Kensington High Street to Holland Park Roundabout Quietway

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In response to resident requests to reduce vehicle speeds and to provide a continuous low-traffic cycling “Quietway” route between Shepherd’s Bush and Kensington High Street, the Council is proposing some changes on Russell Road and other local streets.

Possible changes and implications

On Russell Road, where our surveys confirm that traffic speeds are high, we propose removing the existing chicanes, as these do not work well. This will mean we can create a small amount of additional resident parking. Instead, to reduce traffic speeds, we propose seven sinusoidal humps along the length of Russell Road. They would be spaced in line with national guidance on the optimum spacing to encourage drivers to keep to a consistent speed, thereby minimising accelerating, braking and associated noise and emissions. Sinusoidal humps are designed so that, when driven over at lower speeds, they are noticeably more comfortable to drive over than traditional humps. We have recently introduced sinusoidal humps in St James’s Gardens and we also use them when we resurface roads that have traditional humps - for example, in Abbotsbury Road near Holland Park.

We also propose to remove the centre line to encourage drivers to slow down and take more care whilst driving. In addition, in response to reports of vehicles cutting the corner at the sharp turn onto Russell Gardens, we propose hatching markings, to encourage drivers to position themselves correctly when making the turn.
Other proposed measures

At Russell Road’s junction with Kensington High Street, a new pavement build-out on the west side and introduction of a raised table across Russell Road to slow turning traffic and provide a shorter crossing distance for pedestrians.
Removal of the island at the north end of Elsham Road to provide more space to exit from the cycling contra-flow lane.
Removal of the cycling feeder lane and introduction of an advanced stop line at the junction of Lower Addison Gardens with Holland Road to improve cycle safety.
Removal of approximately three metres of parking to improve entry into the existing segregated cycling facility on Addison Gardens bridge and to provide a safe waiting space for cyclists wishing to turn into Hansard Mews.
Permit contra-flow cycling through Hansard Mews, providing access to Shepherd’s Bush and Holland Park Avenue.
Alterations to the surface of the inclined section of Hansard Mews (approximately 30 metres) to reduce the slip hazard, especially in wet conditions, while minimising the change in appearance.
Introduction of wayfinding signs and road markings along Russell Road, Russell Gardens, Elsham Road, Lower Addison Gardens and Hansard Mews at points where a change of direction is required. We estimate there would need to be around 15-20 signs and symbols across the area.


October 12th, 2018


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