Oakley Square (north) - Safe and Healthy Streets Consultation

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Camden proposes to make permanent the trial changes at Oakley Square (north) at the junction with Crowndale Road put in under an ETO in December 2020. (No Entry for motor vehicles from Crowndale Road into Oakley Square – north).

Camden also proposes for the Crowndale Road junction:

- The planters and droppable bollard to be replaced with a new ‘continuous footway’ with a widening of the pavement along Crowndale Road

- The cycle entry gap is to be re-aligned to accommodate the pavement

- A new tree and bench are to be installed alongside the continuous footway

A new bike hangar is to replace a residents’ parking bay outside 50 Oakley Square (north).

Camden also proposes for the junction with Eversholt Street.

  • Narrow the junction with a continuous footway to reduce the crossing distance and give pedestrians clear priority at this location
  • Widen the pavement on Oakley Square at the approach to the junction to provide a continuous link between pavement and footway
  • Remove guardrails along the motorcycle parking bay outside number 70
  • Plant a new tree near where the new pavement meets the Oakley Square (north) pavement


February 11th, 2022 15:00


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