Six new School Streets - Feb 2021

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Added by Jean Dollimore

All of the schemes operate timed road closures on Mondays to Fridays e.g. from 8.15am-9.15am and 3pm-4pm in term time.

In all but one of the schemes, it is stated that the restrictions will be enforced using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

Each scheme would be introduced as a trial for a maximum of 18 months with  a further consultation After 12 months.

Exemptions: properties and businesses in the closed section of the affected road, emergency services, bin lorries, blue badge and pupils of the school that have a disability that prevents them from using active travel.

A few nice surprises here, marked with asterisks ***

Brookfield School

A Healthy School Street on Croftdown Road, between the junction with Chester Road and the east side of the junction with St. Albans Road.

And close with planters and bollards the west side of the junction Croftdown Road/ St Albans Road

Consultation on Camden’s website:

Kentish Town Church of England Primary School

A Healthy School Street on Islip Street, from Frideswide Place to the junction with Hammond Street.

*** Create a permanent restriction on Hammond Street by placing planters halfway between Islip Street and Caversham Road.

Temporary widening of footway outside school. Why temporary?

Removal of some guard rails

Consultation on Camden’s website:

Christopher Hatton Primary School

1. A Healthy School Street On Mount Pleasant, between the junction with Grays Inn Road and the junction with Elm Street.

No mention of the use of ANPR cameras.

*** 2. Make permanent the trial scheme in Laystall Street north of Rosebery Avenue which implemented a mid-point closure and allowed two-way cycling.

Consultation on Camden’s website

Argyle Primary School

A Healthy School Street road on Bidborough Street, Hastings Street and Tonbridge Street.

*** The one-way systems on all three streets would remain in place, with the addition of a contraflow for cycles.

Consultation on Camden’s website

St Mary and St Pancras School

A Healthy School Street on Polygon Road between Chalton Street and Werrington Street.

Consultation on Camden’s website:

Ecole Jeanine Manuel

A Healthy School Street on the south side of Bedford Square which is one-way westbound.

from the junction with Bloomsbury Street to Adeline Place

*** Add a contraflow cycle lane to the southern side of Bedford Square

Consultation on Camden’s website:


February 15th, 2021


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