Consultation on Goldhurst Terrace Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

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Added by Jean Dollimore

This consultation refers to the double junction of Goldhurst Terrace with Greencroft Gardens and Broadhurst Gardens.

This complex junction is composed of a collection of one-way motor traffic runs:

- westbound traffic runs from Finchley Road along Goldhurst Terrace

- some of which then turns right onto Broadhurst Gardens.

- the remainder continues in a SSW direction on Goldhurst Terrace towards South Hampstead

- Greencroft Gardens has one-way NE bound motor traffic up to the junction with Broadhurst Gardens.

and contraflow cycling accessed via the (lower) junction of Goldhurst Terrace.

The proposals are

- to introduce raised tables at four informal pedestrian crossings

- to widen footway at three of the crossings


July 27th, 2018 15:00


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