Brixton Hill (Dumbarton Road/Upper Tulse Hill)

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Added by Simon Still

proposed road safety changes on Brixton Hill at the junctions with Dumbarton Road and Upper Tulse Hill.

A safety study of a section of the A23 (Brixton Hill) has identified issues with turning vehicles, pedal cycles, powered two wheelers and buses between Dumbarton Road and Upper Tulse Hill.

Our proposals to address this are:

· Introducing extended ‘KEEP CLEAR’ markings to improve visibility when the far side lane is busy or queuing
· Allowing left turning vehicles into the bus lanes on the approaches to the junctions to give left turning vehicles more time to move over prior to turning into the side road
Adding cycle logos over the side roads to help raise awareness to drivers that cyclists will be travelling in the bus lane
Removing kerb build-outs at the junctions. The current arrangement causes a pinch point leading to vehicles to overhang back into the A23, which reduces visibility and increases the risk of collisions. Removing the build outs will also ease congestion and reduce the likelihood of turning vehicles mounting the footway
Raising the road surface at the entry to Dumbarton Road and Upper Tulse Hill to benefit pedestrians by providing a continuous level surface. Tactile paving would indicate the side road to visually impaired pedestrians

Please see the attached map which shows all of the above proposed changes. We plan to introduce the changes in early 2018.

You can write to us with any comments or questions about our plans by:
• Emailing us at

Please let us know your views by Friday 13 October 2017.


October 13th, 2017


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